Bruce & Zoe McCulley

Bruce and his wife Zoe have been members of High Peaks Church for over 25 years.  Bruce was ordained an elder in 2005, and in 2012, left  his career in the ski industry to pastor HPC full-time.   Zoe currently leads the RTF  Wholeness ministry.  Bruce and Zoe have one teenage son.

Don & Jean

Don and his wife Jean have been an integral part of the HPC leadership team for over 35 years. Their faithfulness and spiritual leadership have had a significant impact on the ministry  and development of HPC. Don and Jean  oversee various aspects of church life including servant ministries and facilities.  Don and Jean have two adult sons.

Jim & Heather

Jim and  his wife Heather have been active at High Peaks Church for over 15 years.  Both are lifetime residents of the Adirondacks with generational  roots in the region.   Jim and Heather oversee the Life Groups and Heather is the department head for children’s programs.  Jim and Heather have three children.


MFI is a fellowship of ministers with like vision and doctrine who voluntarily associate themselves for the purpose of fellowship, vision, encouragement, equipping, and strength.

Members of MFI receive resources,  accountability and spiritual relationship.  MFI recognizes that ministers need a local sense of spiritual family and identity, yet part of a vision greater than themselves.

MFI's spiritual family of brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers also provide wisdom and counsel.

In the Fall of 2010 Pastor Don Curry came along side HPC as a consultant and ministry advisor.  

By January 2011, NTC released Pastor Don to become the interim pastoral team leader of High Peaks.  Pastor Don, with several leaders from NTC, partnered with the leaders from High Peaks to provide pastoral care and ministry for the church until mid 2012. 

We remain in close fellowship and  consider ourselves sister churches.