Restoring the Foundations (RTF) is an integrated approach to healing ministry. This brief introduction explains why we need healing, and some of the scriptural basis for the methodologies used in RTF. 

The need for healing comes from problems and issues.  Without problems, there would be no need for healing.  The first step to healing is realizing the problem.  Life is not perfect; no one has ever had an easy life.  We all feel pain from what others have done to us, pain from addictions and compulsions, and pain from our own actions.  Quite often, we try to simply cover up what has happened and move on, even though the past still haunts us.  It is not usually considered that life can be so much better.  So the question remains: can we be healed, and if so how much?


Almost all Christians believe that Jesus' death removes the burden of our sins that would otherwise keep us from God.  Christ's death was not simply a ticket to heaven, but a path to freedom.  We must admit that when we accepted Christ into our lives, all of our problems did not simply go away.  We still sinned, though maybe not as much; the negativities of life still existed.  So when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, why didn't these issues go away?  Atonement for sin only goes as far as we allow it to.  We can choose to keep our hurts or release them to Jesus.  We can either forgive all those who have influenced us to sin and release them from owing us anything, or we can remain bound.  How do we appropriate the power of the cross to gain freedom in every area in which we struggle?



RTF comprises four main areas of ministry in its integrated approach, meaning each area ties into the other.  There are two types of personal ministry: issue- focused and thorough.

A typical three hour issue-focused ministry session deals with one main issue, but tends to cover slightly more than just the issue specified.  Thorough ministry consists of five three hour segments. Thorough ministry is much more in-depth than issue-focused and, if you allow it, is completely life-changing.  Thorough ministry for couples is the same as individual ministry, but with additional joint opening and closing sessions. 



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