We get it: visiting a church can be intimidating.  At High Peaks, we want you to feel welcome and we hope having an idea of what to expect will help.

Whether you’re a new believer, someone looking to re-start your faith or born and raised in the church, our prayer is that people far from God will come to know Him, and that those who know Him will get closer.  No one has ‘arrived’ and we’re all on this journey together!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and check us out. 
We hope you'll visit us this Sunday :)

Dress Code

Like the area we live in, we're pretty casual.   We want you to be more focused on the service than what you’re wearing.  Dress however you feel most comfortable.  Visitors often come in the clothes they brought for hiking, camping, skiing or whatever.  It's a “come as you are” atmosphere which is fine with us.  We want you to relax and experience the love and grace of God.


Sometimes we have upbeat music, as well as hymns and songs of quiet worship.  Everyone worships in their own way – some might sing, clap or raise their hands; others worship silently.  Most people stand but some sit, its more about connecting with God than what you do.

We love to worship God and want everyone’s experience be as meaningful as possible.  To facilitate that, we offer child care and assisted-listening devices for the hearing-impaired.  Just ask an usher to direct you to the right resource.


We offer an opportunity to give through tithes and offerings, but as a guest, please do not feel any obligation.  Not every member gives every week so there’s no need to feel awkward, you’re not expected to make a donation.

The Message

What you believe shapes your life.  The more your beliefs are in line with God’s truth, the more purpose and joy you’ll find in your journey.  In every service, you'll hear a message based on Scripture.  Our desire is to provide teaching with a strong Biblical foundation, relevant to everyday life and intended to help you know and follow Jesus.


Life can be tough.  Sometimes you need someone to come along side and help you pray about important issues.  Sometimes you might just want prayer for yourself.  Following each service people will be available to pray with you.  They will be introduced at the end of the service and remain up front until everyone who comes forward has received prayer.

Meet & Greet

After church there will be hot coffee, tea and donuts in the downstairs lobby.  We invite you to grab a snack, meet someone new or chat up an old friend.  It's also a great time to ask any questions you might have about our church, teachings or ministries.